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transmitted to City Hall. Guillory called her operation a "sanc- tuary" in the practice of freedom of religion. The endeavor was a Code Enforcement officer's nightmare. Nonetheless, Guillory is still there, and if you are homeless, she will find a place for you. Tuesday, Jan. 28, was the day of the nation- wide homeless census. Volunteers were at Guillory's Sanctuary, filling out the forms. More than 100 people came by, enticed per- haps by free clothing and food, medical and dental screenings, personal hygiene kits and more — with the activities all organized by Guillory and a volun- teer cadre, including homeless helpers. A t t h a t j o i n t c i t y / county meeting a year ago, another county commissioner proved prophetic, too. "There's obviously some gaps in service," said Commissioner Joe Barbetta, but rather than "government jumping in and trying to solve the problem" on its own, Barbetta talked of the need for private ven- tures. Indeed, along came that solitary woman in a Winnebago, and a year later, 100 are being fed and clothed and counted without a gov- ernment dollar in sight. The County Commission Chambers in downtown Sarasota was nearly full for consultant Robert Marbut's presentation on Nov. 25, 2013. Photo by Norman Schimmel I can see an apparent plan of action to sabotage this process. Joe Barbetta Commissioner Sarasota County Sarasota News Leader January 31, 2014 Page 37

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