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Sarasota News Leader September 28, 2012 or allied congressional candidates this fall. The explanation that it is to avoid the "percep- tion" of bias in news coverage is as credible as the GOP contention the wave of Republican state legislatures' allowing only the passport and driver's license holders to vote in Novem- ber is to root out massive polling place voter fraud, which of course does not exist. I doubt there is any hope of reversing this de- cision, but it is the community that is the los- REPUBLICAN PARTY MISGUIDED To the Editor: The Republican Party has lost its way, so bad- ly that it can no longer justify its existence until the present leadership either sees that it must change its policies, or else the mem- bers must see that the leadership needs to be replaced. Some in Congress are starting to ac- knowledge this and are distancing themselves from the party leaders if not the party. The party's positions have become so extreme and destructive to long-established American values, those positions are eventually going to be soundly rejected as more Americans see them for what they are. In addition, the Page 70 er. Even if we disagreed with a Herald-Tribune endorsement, it provided a valuable starting point for informed discussion. Now the News Leader is indeed the last bastion of indepen- dent, progressive coverage and opinion. Curiously, the Herald-Tribune chose not to print a similar letter. Rick Barry Sarasota unprecedented strategy of so blatantly lying about these positions is starting to be so of- fensive and obvious that even hard-core con- servatives must see that this strategy is doing their party great harm. The stated goal to do anything to cause the Democrats and Barack Obama to fail. Voting down programs that the Republicans even initiated for the simple reason that the Dem- ocrats happen to like them, too, is a first in political strategies. Give them that: They have been uniquely creative. Yet, the harm that this strategy has done to literally millions of suf- fering Americans is unconscionable and cruel. Brad Hardin Venice

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