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The jokes came early and often at the Wednesday, Feb. 12, Sarasota Tiger Bay Club forum on medical marijuana, an entertaining and enlightening debate between attorney John Morgan and Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight that nevertheless changed no one's opinion. Morgan, well known to anyone with a TV for the ads he cuts as the founder of the personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan, has spent millions to get a medical marijuana constitutional amendment on this November's state ballot and to convince voters to approve it. After joking that it was "intimidating" to debate "someone who's wearing a gun," he spoke about the simple reason he's sup- porting medical marijuana. His father was suffering from cancer, aching with pain and unable to eat. A "law- and-order guy" who always insisted people shouldn't use drugs, he ļ¬gured, "What the heck?" and tried mar- ijuana. Morgan found Medical marijuana on display in a California dispensary. Photo by Susie Plascencia, via Flickr OFT-UPROARIOUS MEDICAL MARIJUANA DEBATE TOUCHES ON GOD, GREED AND WEED POT ROAST The downside to marijuana pales in comparison to the downside of FDA- approved drugs. John Morgan Medical Marijuana Advocate By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor

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