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Love 'em or hate 'em, there are more traffic roundabouts coming. Just how many was a bit of a surprise to the city's Public Art Advisory Board on Wednesday, Feb. 12. (See the related story in this issue.) But the members would like to see public art in the center of each one. And next month they will start work to make that a reality. Rod Warner has been advocating for round- abouts for years. He sits on the Sarasota/ Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization's Citizens Advisory Committee, helping to allo- cate transportation funding for Manatee and Sarasota coun- ties. He told the public art group more round- abouts are coming, and they should start Musica is the title of a roundabout sculpture in Nashville, TN. Image courtesy City of Sarasota THE CITY'S PUBLIC ART COMMITTEE WILL START WORK NEXT MONTH ON A PLAN TO PUT ART IN THE CENTER OF 22 ROUNDABOUTS LOOK, BUT NOT TOO CLOSELY This is an opportunity to brand Sarasota as the cultural heart of Florida. Rod Warner Roundabout Advocate By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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