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A couple of weeks ago, Marlene Merkle told The Sarasota News Leader, she was so excited when she saw "No Parking" signs going up at last on the Siesta Key street where she lives. She had been working for almost two years to achieve that goal, so overflow parking from Siesta Village would not impede residential traffic on the street, let alone emergency vehicles if a fire occurred or someone needed medical attention. However, confusion about the new signs has led to a Sarasota C o u n t y S h e r i f f ' s Office decision not to enforce the no-parking zones until improved signage can be erected, Deputy Chris McGregor told members of the Siesta Key Association during their regular meeting on Feb. 6. "It's a mess right now," McGregor said, point- ing out that he and Sgt. Scott Osborne spent about 15 minutes on the street earlier that day, assessing the situation. Osborne is the leader of the Community Policing Station on Siesta Key. "To be honest with you," McGregor con- tinued, "I still couldn't make heads or tails out of it, and I work A 'No Parking' sign on Avenida de Mayo seems to indicate vehicles cannot be left in this driveway. Photo by Rachel Hackney MORE COUNTY SIGNS ARE EXPECTED TO GO UP ON SIESTA KEY'S AVENIDA DE MAYO TO POINT OUT EXACTLY WHERE THE PUBLIC CANNOT PARK The only thing I could do was scratch my head. Chris McGregor Deputy Sarasota County Sheriff's Office By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A CLEAR CASE OF CONFUSION

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