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the Sheriff's Office and the EMS and Fire Department to come up with a recommen- dation to resolve concerns about emergency vehicle access on the street. Subsequently, SKA directors provided Tobias with more details about residents' concerns, leading Tobias and his staff to investigate the situation and provide their conclusions in the August memo to the County Commission. THE CURRENT SITUATION Merkle told the News Leader this week she believes signs should be erected on the first block of the street, between Canal Road and Avenida de Cortez, saying, "No Parking Anytime On Street or Right of Way." She sent the News Leader photos she took over the weekend — when Siesta Village hosted its annual Craft Show — showing vehicles parked on both sides of Avenida de Mayo, including the section between Canal Road and Avenida de Cortez. Shay said during the SKA's Feb. 6 meeting that he had been hoping appropriate signage would be up before that event. "I'm sure everybody will ignore those signs," he added. President Catherine Luckner explained to the approximately 30 audience members the importance of allowing clear access for emer- gency vehicles on the street. "So it really is an urgent issue," she pointed out. "We don't want to make light of how funny it is to see [a sign] pointing to someone's door." % An aerial view shows the proximity of Avenida de Mayo (highlighted in yellow) to Ocean Boulevard, which runs through Siesta Village. Image from Google Maps Sarasota News Leader February 14, 2014 Page 74

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