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The Sarasota County School Board was tak- ing nothing for granted right up to March 25, as it prepared to ask voters to renew a special 1-mill district tax for the fourth time. Even though the turnout was lower than in the previous years the measure was on the bal- lot, 76.89 percent of the votes cast on March 25 supported keeping the tax. "I am abso- lutely thrilled," School Board Chairwoman Jane Goodwin told The Sarasota News Leader on March 26. "We are so pleased that a signi´Čücant major- ity of Sarasota County voters have once again supported the 1 mill for local pub- lic education as they did in 2002, 2006 and 2010," Superintendent of Schools Lori White responded in an email to the News Leader. "The fact that more than 75 percent of people who went to the polls or voted early said, 'Yes,' to the renewal of this funding speaks volumes about this community's strong support for its public Brochures distributed in advance of the Sarasota County Schools' 1-mill referendum touted reasons for voters to continue to support the tax. Photo by Rachel Hackney VOTERS RENEW THE SARASOTA COUNTY SCHOOLS' 1-MILL TAX, BUT TURNOUT IS LOWER THAN IN PAST YEARS I am absolutely thrilled that our community holds us in such high regard. Jane Goodwin Chairwoman Sarasota County School Board By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A BIG SHOW OF GRATITUDE

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