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Sarasota News Leader September 28, 2012 would focus on classical literature and the writings of Jefferson, Plato and Aristotle, Josh Longenecker said. • AMIKids Sarasota County, designed for stu- dents in grades 7-12 "who are not successful in the traditional school setting," according to the application. Since 1996, William Goins told the board, AMIKids has been serving students expelled from regular district schools who have been assigned to it by the state Department of Ju- venile Justice. Parents of students often have voiced a desire to enroll their other children at the school, he said. THE MONEY School board members have pointed out that Sarasota County is more generous in its fund- ing support of charter schools than most dis- tricts. The funding formula is calculated the same for any child in a charter school as it is for a student in a district public school, Mitsi Corcoran, the Sarasota district's chief finan- Sandra Fluke, a nationally recog- nized advocate for women's health issues and one of the star speakers at the recent Democratic National Convention will be a guest at a press confer- ence and rally on Saturday, Sept. 29, for Keith Fitzgerald, Democratic candidate for the 16th Congressional District. The event will take place from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Polo Grill and Bar ballroom, 10670 Board- walk Loop, Lakewood Ranch. Page 15 cial officer, explained to The Sarasota News Leader. However, the district is able to retain 5% of the funding for the first 250 students in a charter school to cover the cost of adminis- trative, support and monitoring services, she said. If a charter school is deemed to be high per- forming, the district is able to retain only 2% of the funding, Corcoran said. The Sarasota district had three high-perform- ing charter schools in the 2011-12 school year: Island Village Montessori, Venice Leadership Academy and Sarasota School of Arts and Sci- ences. The district also shares with its nine charter schools an equal percentage of its revenue from the special, voted 1 mill tax, she ex- plained. Finally, Corcoran said she believed the Sara- sota district to be one of only two in the state to provide a portion of its capital outlay mill- age to its charter schools. NATIONALLY KNOWN WOMEN'S ADVOCATE TO PARTICIPATE IN FITZGERALD RALLY ON SATURDAY Fluke was a target of Rush Limbaugh several months ago. Limbaugh called her a "slut" and a prostitute for stating before Congress that women's contraceptives should be covered by insurance During the rally, Fluke will endorse Fitzger- ald's candidacy and talk about the importance of women's support to his campaign.

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