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BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD The Sarasota County Commission prepares for discussion during a regular meeting this week in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Rachel Hackney DEVELOPERS ASKED TO WORK FURTHER ON THE SITE PLAN FOR AN ASSISTED-LIVING FACILITY TO APPEASE NEIGHBORS OPPOSED TO IT By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor After almost two hours of testimony, Sarasota County Commissioner Joe Barbetta summed up the commission's indecisive response to a rezoning request for a proposed assisted-living facility on the corner of Proctor and Honore. "In recent memory," he said, "we haven't had this kind of turnout by the immediate neigh- borhood in opposition like this, which says to me, something's wrong with this picture." So rather than approve the project as is, or reject it outright, the commission voted unanimously to ask the developers to rework their plan in an attempt to appease the residents of Center Gate, the neighborhood adjacent to the proposed 108- bed facility. The commission will formally revisit the is- sue during its Nov. 14 meeting. has not really, really changed since day one. The basic footprint of the building Center Gate resident Jack McGarry The proposal being de- bated is a combination one- and two-story fa- cility that would be built on the northeast corner of Proctor and

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