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PATROL IMPROVEMENTS The reflectivity of the new decals is visible in this photo. Courtesy Sarasota Police Department NEW SARASOTA POLICE DEPARTMENT CRUISER DESIGN ENTERS THE CITY'S FLEET By Stan Zimmerman City Editor There's only one for now, the pride and joy of Officer Todd Tschetter. But 19 more city police cars are on the way, sporting a totally new exterior design. It will take a few years for the new decals to show up throughout the fleet, but the first one is on the road. These new decals are not just for "show." There are performance reasons why they were chosen, said Capt. Jeff Karr, commander of the department's Support Services Division. "The old decals were not ultraviolet-resistant and had no reflectivity," he said. "The new de- sign was one of three packages we showed to the officers. They voted, and almost two- thirds approved this one." In addition to the reflective graphics, the new design includes reflective stripes on the door jambs (a la Volvo), so an open door reflects headlights at oncoming drivers. The trunk lid also has a reflective strip, because it blocks the light bar on the roof. Additionally, new flashers will be installed on the package shelf behind the rear seat in each of the vehicles. These and the trunk-lid reflec- tors will be retrofitted to the existing fleet. All totaled, the new "look," which costs about $25

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