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Sarasota News Leader DUMP THE DOPE One source of the drugs propelling the pre- scription drug abuse epidemic is "grandma's medicine cabinet." Unused, expired, unneed- ed drugs linger in medicine cabinets all over the county. A family member or friend or even a thief, after a break-in, can put those drugs on the market. But don't flush them down drain! That raises havoc with the chemicals in the sewer treat- ment plant. And for heaven's sake, don't dump them in the bay. Instead, you can take them to the Sarasota Police Department headquarters on Adams Lane on Saturday, Sept. 29. Between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., the police, in cooperation with representatives the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, will take those medications off your hands and dispose of them properly. You might pre- vent a poisoning, an overdose or the feeding of the illicit drug market. No questions will be asked. This is a nationwide event, with more than 4,000 agencies participating. The last "take- back" in April netted more than one-half mil- lion pounds of unwanted or expired medica- tions. PARK CHANGES ANNOUNCED The city will close the new Payne Park play- ground for two weeks, starting Sept. 27. The circus-themed kids area opened in June, but it was unfinished. The closing will allow crews to erect a shade structure near the area designated for chil- dren ages 3 to 5. This work will require the use of heavy equipment, concrete pours and Photo courtesy Cleve Posey open trenches for irrigation. Then landscaping will be installed. The playground should reopen Friday, Oct. 12. At the same time, the city will close the public restrooms at North Watertower Park in North Sarasota. The restrooms at Whitaker Gateway Park will be open only during daylight hours on the weekends. These closures, which will begin Oct. 1, are necessitated by budget cut- backs. September 28, 2012 Page 51

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