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A STEP CLOSER The area between the Daiquiri Deck and Gilligan's Island Bar & Grill reportedly is one of the dark- est at night in Siesta Village. Photo by Norman Schimmel SARASOTA COUNTY COMMISSION THIS WEEK APPROVED PREPARATION OF A BID PACKAGE FOR CROSSWALK LIGHTING IN SIESTA VILLAGE By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor With a unanimous vote on Sept. 26, the Sara- sota County Commission authorized staff to prepare a bid package for the purchase and installation of bollard lighting at seven cross- walks in Siesta Village. "I've seen 'em work in other places," Com- missioner Jon Thaxton said of such lighting products after seconding a motion by Com- missioner Nora Patterson. "You just cannot deny this place's value in terms of a revenue-generating source for Sarasota County," Thaxton said of the Village. "These bollards just enhance the safety and the pedestrian atmosphere. … Assuming it's not some ridiculous [price] and there's sticker shock when we see it, it's a great addition," he added. The staff report on the bollards, sent to the commission Sept. 13 by then-Public Works Di- rector James K. Harriott Jr., said the estimate for the cost and installation of the 14 bollards was $31,500. (County Administrator Randall Reid this week named Harriott the county's chief engineer as part of a staffing reorganization. See related story in this issue.) "My assumption is that, in some fashion when we get the bids, they'll come back to us [for a

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