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IN OTHER ACTION… Siesta Key Village Maintenance Corp. directors say they are happy no longer to be handling funds for the village upkeep. Photo by Norman Schimmel SIESTA VILLAGE MAINTENANCE CORP. RELIEVED OF NEED FOR A CHECKING ACCOUNT By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor With a unanimous vote of the Sarasota County Commission on Sept. 25, the Siesta Key Village Maintenance Corp. was relieved of any need to maintain a bank account or fund balance . Maintenance Corp. Chairman Mark Smith had told The Sarasota News Leader in mid-Sep- tember, "I feel good that the [corporation] is not handling money anymore." The corporation's directors didn't want to handle the funds in the first place, he said, "but that was out of our hands." During a presentation to the commission prior to the vote, Ryan Montague, a staff member in the Traffic/Mobility Office in the Public Works Department, pointed out that the commission adopted a revised Siesta Key Public Improve- ment District ordinance on Feb. 21. One of the amendments provided for the Maintenance Corp. to procure legal, accounting or project management work from third-party vendors. Additionally, the corporation was to be re- imbursed from county funds for the work of those vendors. Then on April 11, Montague said, the County Commission directed staff to amend the new ordinance to authorize county staff to remit payment directly to third-party vendors for work performed on behalf of the Maintenance Corp., instead of reimbursing the corporation.

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