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STILL MISSING to by Norman Schimmel By Stan Zimmerman City Editor We may never know who rummaged through the City of Sarasota email files, or why. The full report will not be available until the end of October, but a preliminary report to be de- livered to the City Commission on Oct. 1 indi- cates some answers simply are not obtainable. John Jorgensen with Sylint Cyber Security, Fo- rensics and eDiscovery was hired to conduct a probe after a former state senator claimed then-City Manager Bob Bartolotta was erasing emails from city accounts. Bartolotta eventu- ally resigned. Bartolotta argued that erasing emails from his laptop, or even his desktop computer, could not erase materials held on the city's servers, the big computers that handle and store the city's cybernetic files. "The case I've tried to make is, you get 100,000 emails a year. You have to delete them off your laptop. You know copies are stored on the city's server," Bartolotta told The Sarasota News Leader. However, Jorgensen will report on Monday that some emails are gone forever. "It remains that the previously identified 106 emails were deleted and are unrecoverable," Jorgensen's report says. "This is a complex dilemma and may not be totally resolved because of the dysfunctional condition of [the Information Technology Department] at the time of the EMAIL PROBE RAISES MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS The Sarasota City Commission on Oct. 1 will hear an update on the 'case of the erased emails.' Pho-

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