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(RE)INTRODUCING BLACK EYED ANGELS The Black Eyed Angels Courtesy Photo SARASOTA INDIE ROCK BAND TRIES OUT A NEW NAME TO BETTER BRAND ITS BLEND OF MUSIC By Abby Weingarten Contributing Writer Playing "psychedelic indie rock from the fu- ture," Black Eyed Angels (BEA) is the new incarnation of the much-lauded Sarasota trio Sons of Hippies, which changed its name this month. The members are 32-year-old guitarist/vocalist Katherine Kelly, 34-year-old drummer/vocalist Jonas Canales and 31-year-old bassist/vocalist David Daly. Canales and Kelly have been col- laborating for 4½ years, and Daly joined the band about a year ago. "Sons of Hippies was always a very personal and literal moniker for us, but we felt it per- petually gave others the wrong idea about the type of music we play," Kelly says. "It denoted a jam band full of bearded stoners, when in actuality, we're more of a psych/punk band full of bearded acid heads, plus one girl." Influences range from Radiohead and Pearl Jam to Jethro Tull, Pantera and Fleetwood Mac. BEA will embark on a tour throughout Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee in No- vember, and begin recording a new, full-length album in December. Discography: "Fade to White" (December 2011), "A-morph" (September 2010), "Invisible Personalities EP" (March 2010) and "Warriors of the Light" (July 2009).

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