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Sarasota News Leader September 28, 2012 Kicklighter, a founding member of the Field Club who was active in many civic projects, culminating in his becoming a city commis- sioner and mayor during the 1950s. But Jim Krill, the son-in-law of the now-de- ceased mayor, is the proprietor most of us have known for the past generation. Jim has a homespun way about him that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you start to talk to him. He has warmed his way into the hearts of customers for 35 years. In addition, most of the employees count their time in decades, not years, here at this be- loved and much-needed cog in the machinery that makes downtown a functioning, utilitar- ian place to live and work. Most of the staff do not desire any press coverage — includ- ing some who are as much a fixture of what I guess we now have to call "the old down- town," as anybody is. Suffice it to say, even if you don't want your names mentioned, you will be missed. In a disturbingly similar blow to downtown, the Super Value Nutrition store, while not closing for good, is relocating from its 1461 Main St. location, where it has been operated for 35 years by Doris Shields. The store is moving to a space in The Land- ings, which may be good for The Landings but is another in a series of losses to the down- town Sarasota community. The new store will not contain a U.S. Post Office branch or carry many of the products that Shields kept on the shelves, which she has freely admitted in the past was "a service to the people of the downtown." Page 76 Marcie Johnson is the longtime manager of Super Value Nutrition, which is moving to the Landings By the way, the mention of a pharmacy in the store —in an article in another local newspa- per — was an error. "Super Value has never offered a pharmacy," said Marcie Johnson, the long-time manager of the store. "We are embracing the change," said Johnson, "After 35 years, it will take some getting used to." Rumor has it the new owner of the building plans an Italian restaurant for the space. "Almost all the stores I care about are gone or leaving," said a young lady, as she briskly left the store.

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