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The public is welcome to work with counselors on an individual basis to learn about the new federal affordable healthcare options, county Health Department staff says. Photo from the National Cancer Institute via Wikimedia Commons such as diabetes, high blood pressure — as well as anxiety and depression — can be effectively managed when individuals have health insurance, which enables them to access affordable primary health care, health promotion and prevention services, case management and other behavioral health ser- vices, the release points out. "This ultimately improves health outcomes among those living with complex health concerns" while helping to lower healthcare costs, it adds. For information and the most recent version of the schedule of events, visit or call 866-547-2793. The original published version of the Jan. 31 article A shocking estimate and an evalu- ation included incorrect information about the City of Sarasota estimate for the planned State Street parking garage. The estimate released in backup agenda mate- rial for the Feb. 3 City Commission meeting said the cost would be $11.4 million, or about $4 million more than city staff originally bud- geted for the structure in 2009. The new figure is roughly 50 percent higher than the original estimate of $7.3 million. CORRECTION Sarasota News Leader February 7, 2014 Page 74

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