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175 rooms, parking for 1,638 cars and 189,000 square feet for commercial activity. But nothing has been done since 2007 — no infrastructure improvements; no construc- tion drawings. The old Sarasota Quay was razed to make way for "Sarasota Bayside," but nothing rose from its ashes. GreenPointe is seeking two specific actions from the City Commission. It wants an extension of the development agreement up to 30 years. That will require an amendment to the zoning code, which says such agreements are good for 10 years. GreenPointe also is seeking a waiver of review of the code amendment by the Development Review Committee and any written staff report. GreenPointe has been buying up foreclosed properties in the Southeast for development into planned single-family communities and condominiums. GreenPointe Holdings was formed in 2008. When the company completes the purchase of the 19 acres of the old Quay property, it will also acquire the "entitlements" of the pre- viously approved site plan and development agreement. Unless it wants to change them significantly, its representatives' appearance before the City Commission Tuesday could be its first and last. CLUCKS, COPS AND COLORES How is the city's three-year experiment with urban chickens working? The commissioners will get a beak-full Tuesday when members A proposed new city ordinance regarding street closures seems aimed at the Sarasota Chalk Festival. Photo by Norman Schimmel Sarasota News Leader February 14, 2014 Page 38

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